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Battleship Musashi Underway 1943 
This photo was just revealed by the Kure Maritime Museum (aka "Yamato Museum") as of 04/26/2019.

It shows Battleship Musashi.

The Yamato Museum is apparently of the opinion that the photo was most likely taken in January, 1943. Mutsuo Sasaki chimes in with a little more detail (from modelwarships.com discussion forum):

“.. probably taken after 22nd of Jan.43. She perfomed a practice with torpedo planes, but the (Yamato) Museum is not fully sure of the exact date of the shot yet.. (I) suppose the black colored stuffs are provisions, these might have been offloaded when arriving on the 22nd and the deck ought to be empty. My assumption is Musashi is quite near to the port, then, torpedo planes came flying over, for the practice. If so, the pic must have been taken on the very day of 22nd.”

(Note that the wing and part of the fuselage of the plane taking this photo is visible on the bottom left).