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Operation Ten-ichi-go, 6-7 April, 1944 
Flak bursts are visible as Yamato continues moving forward despite the aft fire and numerous torpedo hits. Note that she is down at the bow.

Look closely and you will see a number of Navy planes above Yamato (little black dots) and two planes above the destroyer on the right that appear to be coming in to attack Yamato from the port side, as well as at least 2 planes above and to the right of the lead destroyer.

US Navy Caption:"Japanese battleship Yamato listing to port and down at the bow, during attacks by U.S. Navy carrier planes north of Okinawa, 7 April 1945. One of her escorting destroyers is at left. The original photo caption reads: "Japanese battleship Yamato lists to port (at right) just prior to VT-9 (USS Yorktown) torpedo attack, 7 Apr. 1945. She is making 10 to 15 knots. A Japanese destroyer cruises ahead." Photographed from a USS Yorktown (CV-10) plane."