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Operation Ten-ichi-go, April 6-7, 1945 
During the first attack, the Yamato and surviving destroyer escorts are zig-zagging. Yamato is smoking heavily from the several aft bomb hits described earlier and zig-zagging to avoid torpedoes..

Note that Yahagi has now fallen further behind the Yamato (see the light silhouette at the extreme upper left corner of the photo) and appears to be dead in the water.

On the extreme right of the photo, a towering plume of water from a bomb near miss on one of the destroyers is also visible.

"Bombs rain down squarely on the turrets, each equipped with the three 25 mm machine guns ...One after another the turrets fly up into the air.

The highest rises twenty meters, turns over several times, and then falls back down with a crash.

A scene of carnage with no place for the living.

Casualties among the machine gunners are staggering.

Moreover, because bombs have severed the wires, power outages follow in quick succession...electric-powered weapons turn one after the other into useless chunks of steel.

Firing the guns reverts necessarily to a matter of sighting down the barrel...

Our aim becomes even more inaccurate."

Yoshida Mitsuru, "Requiem for Battleship Yamato"

Colorized photo courtesy of Irootoko Jr.